NSPIRE for Public Housing Certification

NSPIRE for Public Housing Certification


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Course Description

Upon completing this certification course, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of NSPIRE for Public Housing. The course delves into HUD’s latest National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE), equipping participants with the necessary skills to become proficient public housing inspectors. Topics covered include an in-depth exploration of the three new inspectable areas, the various types of inspections relevant to public housing units, the methodology behind determining the physical condition score, and its implications for inspection frequency. Additionally, participants will learn how to interpret and scrutinize each standard thoroughly. Duration: 35 hours.

IMPORTANT: To attain NSPIRE certification, learners will have a maximum of 6 months to complete all course requirements and achieve a passing score on the final examination.

NOTE: All materials needed for this course are available digitally at the beginning of your coursework. Physical copies of these materials will not be shipped. Should physical copies of these materials be required, you may contact sales@nanmckay.com to request them. *Fees may apply


Morgan Petragallo, Trainer and NSPIRE Inspector, Nan McKay & Associates, Inc.


Housing agency inspection employees, as well as all operations managers and supervisors.

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Course Provider Nan McKay & Associates


  1. Explain how NSPIRE was developed
  2. Compare and contrast NSPIRE and UPCS
  3. Identify the inspectable areas under NSPIRE
  4. Describe the different health and safety determinations under NSPIRE
  5. Name the different types of inspections under NSPIRE
  6. Review the NSPIRE software
  7. Describe the frequency of inspections under NSPIRE
  8. Explain the scoring methodology under NSPIRE
  9. Identify minimum habitability requirements
  10. Read and interpret NSPIRE standards
  11. Identify and review each NSPIRE standard

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