Public Housing Management (PHM) Certification

Public Housing Management (PHM) Certification


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Course Description:

Upon completion of this Certification course learners will understand all of the elements of public housing management and their impact on the PHA’s PHAS scores including the most recent HOTMA updates. This course covers basic public housing program information, HUD requirements for fair housing, factors of eligibility, tenant selection and waitlist management, rent calculation, the occupancy cycle, resident relations strategies, managing a budget, and an overview of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). Duration: 32 Hours. 

IMPORTANT: To obtain the PHM certification, learners will have up to 6 months to complete all course content and receive a passing score on the final exam.

NOTE: All materials needed for this course are available digitally at the beginning of your coursework. Physical copies of these materials will not be shipped. Should physical copies of these materials be required, you may contact to request them. *Fees may apply


Marianne Krager, Trainer with Nan McKay & Associates  


Asset Managers, Property Managers, Occupancy Specialists, and Public Housing Supervisors

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Course Provider Nan McKay & Associates


  1. Identify the roles and functions of the public housing manager, and the key components of project-based management (PBM)
  2. Recall laws that created and shaped public housing, and relationships between the PHA, Congress, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  3. Identify the general structure of a PHA, including PHA board of commissioners, management, and employee relationships
  4. Recognize key civil rights and fair housing responsibilities, and how to avoid discriminatory behavior
  5. Recall when and how verification of disability must be obtained, PHA obligations to limited Engish proficient (LEP) persons, and under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  6. Identify and apply the steps in the application process, factors of eligibility, and the six levels of verification hierarchy
  7. Apply the rent calculation process using the HUD Form 50058, including criteria for calculating annual income inclusions and exclusions, adjusted income, and total tenant payment (TTP)
  8. Recall HUD's requirements for project-based budgeting and accounting, the budgeting process, and fees paid by the project to the Central Office Cost Center (COCC)

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