Fundamentals of Management

Fundamentals of Management


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Course Description:
In this course, we learn about the expectations set on you as a manager and how best to engage, enable, and empower your employees. Review essential topics like understanding when to manage and when to lead, how to give employees feedback that leads to the desired outcome, and how to apply strategies for when, why, and how to delegate. Unlock your employee’s full potential with interactive lessons aimed at placing you within the manager’s mindset. Duration: 1 Hour.

Michael Teape, Co-Founder of Teape Training International

Leaders, managers, supervisors, and interested employees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your role as a manager and how it aligns with the performance of your team and the organization
  • Learn the nuances between management and leadership
  • Review examples of effective and ineffective feedback
  • Learn how to give feedback that empowers your employees and provides clear expectations
  • Understand the risks of delegating and the risks of not delegating
  • Use delegation as a way to further develop your team

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