2019 Sexual Harassment - Education and Prevention

2019 Sexual Harassment - Education and Prevention



Course Description:
This course provides you with information on how to recognize and understand sexual harassment, methods to identify several forms of unlawful workplace behaviors, and expectations for responding to and reporting sexual harassment and related workplace concerns. By reviewing quid pro quo, hostile work environment, cyberbullying, and discrimination, you will have all the tools you need to successfully work through any harassment situation. This course will also review the essential company policies, and applicable state and federal laws. Learning from workplace scenarios that will help you identify sexual harassment and take the appropriate course of action. Duration: 2 Hours.

Dr. Richard Montanaro, PhD

Employees, managers and supervisors, contractors, vendors, and Human Resources professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define sexual harassment as addressed by federal and state law
  • Explain the types of conduct that may constitute sexual harassment
  • Describe the role of managers, supervisors, and all employees in acting responsibly and lawfully
  • Identify tools and techniques for recognizing, preventing, and documenting sexual harassment
  • Examine potential sexual harassment scenarios to determine the appropriate course of action

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