Novogradac LIHTC 101 - Tax Credit Basics

Novogradac LIHTC 101 - Tax Credit Basics


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Course Description:
This course offers an introductory overview of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), including an overview of affordable housing, an introduction to the tax code as it relates to LIHTC, and an example tax credit calculation. The application process, program rules and the typical partnership structure, as well as earning and claiming tax credits, noncompliance, and recapture are all key topic areas covered in this course. Duration: 1.5 Hours.

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Wayne Michael, CPA, NPCC, HCCP, Director of External Education, Novogradac & Company

Executive management, developers, and investors. This course is designed for those new to low-income housing tax credits as well as for those who’ve worked with tax credit properties for a few years and are looking for a refresher on how their area relates to other parts of the affordable housing landscape.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall how tax credits make housing more affordable for low-income households
  • Identify how many per-capita tax credits are available nationwide each year and factors contributing to the total amount over the past two-plus decades
  • Recall how tax credits are calculated beginning with eligible basis and ending with credits claimed over ten years; identify major differences between 9% credits and 4% credits
  • Identify the major players in a tax credit ownership structure, their roles and their major economic motivations
  • Recall major factors that are considered in pricing tax credits
  • Recall how tax credits are allocated within a state and how to apply for tax credits
  • Identify the steps of a tax credit development timeline beginning with the tax credit application and ending with placing the property in service and beginning operations
  • Recall the penalty for failing a 10% test
  • Recall the major tax credit rules and how credits are earned vs. claimed
  • Recall which portion of previously claimed credits can be recaptured and when credit recapture risk is the highest

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Course Provider Novogradac & Company LLP

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