How To Prevent Housing Scams - Informative Short

How To Prevent Housing Scams - Informative Short


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Course Description:
When searching for your new home, protect yourself from becoming a victim of a Section 8 or affordable housing scam. If you are researching housing on the internet, you must be aware of several possible traps. Learn what to avoid by watching this informative short video on housing scam prevention. Duration: 4 Minutes.

HAI Group

Resident Services Coordinators, Eligibility and Occupancy Specialists, supervisors, and employees to use as a resource to share and discuss with applicants and residents.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to identify and report online housing scams
  • Discover some common scams like unnecessary application fees, data collection scams, deposit payment scams, and voucher purchase scams

Pricing and Payment Options:

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