OSHA and Workplace Safety - Tool and Electrical Safety

OSHA and Workplace Safety - Tool and Electrical Safety


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Course Description:
This course examines Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandated safety procedures related to electrical and tool safety. Understand the potential risks, and know how to take appropriate safety precautions to mitigate risk of injury and/or damage, as well as how to respond to any injuries. Additionally, examine basic electrical operational and safety practices including electrical conductors, grounding, and uses of various types of cords/wiring. This course also analyzes types of tools, safe tool design, and effective tool maintenance; tool safety including pre-planning; and employee and employer responsibilities for safety including training. Duration: 4.5 Hours.

Gregg Barratt and James B. Smith, OSHA Outreach Trainers

Maintenance directors, supervisors, and employees, insurance administrators, housing managers, risk managers and personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall measures that protect workers from hazardous energy
  • Understand OSHA standards related to grounding and flexible cords (extension cords)
  • Understand the importance of spark resistant tools
  • Apply general safety guidelines for hand and power tools, and examine training requirements
  • Describe employer responsibilities related to employee-owned or supplied tools
  • Recall simple ways to prevent tool-related injuries and examine planning for tool use

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    • Credits

      • IACET CEU (CEUs): 0.5