OSHA and Workplace Safety - Exit Routes, Fire Safety, and Emergency Planning

OSHA and Workplace Safety - Exit Routes, Fire Safety, and Emergency Planning


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Course Description:
This course identifies exit safety requirements and the basic elements of exit design, the classifications of a fire and fire event preparation, as well as the basic elements of an effective fire prevention program. Fire ignition hazards, controls of flammable operations, combustibles, and safe material storage are topics also covered. Also examined are how to build, implement, and maintain an effective fire safety program, emergency planning preparation, and the key elements of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) required Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Duration: 4.5 Hours.

James B. Smith, OSHA Outreach Trainer

Maintenance directors, supervisors, and employees, insurance administrators, housing managers, risk managers and personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine exit safety requirements and steps for emergency planning
  • Identify the difference between ‘ingress’ and ‘egress’ and define ‘exit discharge’
  • Identify the elements of fire, classifications of fires, fire detection systems, and fire response
  • Identify fire ignition hazards including flammables and combustibles
  • Recall safe material storage considerations and planning strategies
  • Examine responses to fire events and procedures for fire extinguishers and a fire brigade

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